I’m surprised and delighted to see that people are still finding the Chicago Publishing Network blog, even though we’ve moved our discussions to our LinkedIn group. That group has nearly 1,600 members, including publishing types from all corners of the industry: writers, editors, designers, publicists, agents, and even some students.

That young people are still keen on entering the field of publishing is a positive sign for an industry that so many have proclaimed is in its twilight. Smart, young people, so savvy with technology, so progressive in their thinking still wish to be part of an industry that is in a constant state of change.

I like to think that Chicago is a big part of all that change. With 125 publishers in the city and suburbs, Chicago is home to a lot of publishing, from micro presses to large indie houses. Those of you who follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and at Chicago Book Review have heard this from me countless times before. I sound like a broken record, I know (she wrote, anachronistically).

Chicago Publishing Network is just one of the forums for sharing news about what’s happening in our little corner of the publishing world. At our LinkedIn group, you’ll find information about publishing industry news, local events, jobs, and all sorts of other fun stuff. I encourage publishing professionals in Chicago and the Midwest to join us at LinkedIn. It’s free, and you don’t have to drag yourself to any meetings. You can contribute as much or as little as you like. But I hope you will contribute as much as you can. The more you share, the better the conversation.

Of course, Chicago is home to a number of publishing-related groups, associations, blogs, and the like. We’ve added some links here, so be sure to check out theses sources so you can join the great conversations that are happening around town.



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