Turn to “Chicago Book Review” for All Things Chicago Publishing

Still amazed at how many people continue to land on this blog every week, which I update rarely these days. Why’s that? Because the conversation has moved to LinkedIn, where Chicago Publishing Network is home to more than 1,630 members. At LinkedIn, we’re talking about Chicago publishing events, jobs, and issues.

So, aside from the occasional post here to remind readers that we’ve moved, little is updated here.

Instead, we’re focusing on Chicago Book Review, which is all about Chicago’s publishing industry. There, you’ll find book reviews that focus on books written by Chicago-area authors; issued by publishers based in Chicago and the Midwest; or agented, designed, and/or edited by Chicago-area publishing pros, as well as reviews of books that examine Chicago, Illinois, and the Midwest. We’re reviewing books from such publishers as Academy Chicago, Agate Publishing, Allium Press, Chicago Review Press, University of Chicago Press, University of Illinois Press, Sourcebooks … the list goes on and on.

Chicago Book Review also features links to related publishing organizations and associations, local publishers, local bookstores, and other blogs that are discussing Chicago’s literary scene.

So if you’re looking for information about Chicago’s publishing scene, turn to Chicago Book Review. New reviews and features are posted every week, and you’ll find links to other sources of information about all things Chicago literary.



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