Chicago Publishing: Find It at CBR

Although we’ve long since moved the Chicago Publishing Network conversation to LinkedIn, this little blog continues to reach more than just a handful of curious visitors every day. Most of those visitors are searching similar terms. “Chicago publishing,” “publishing houses Chicago,” and “publishing companies Chicago”or some similar iterationshow up frequently as the key search terms that send readers to the CPN blog.

CPN does, indeed, have a list of publishers on the blogroll, but an even more extensive list appears at Chicago Book Review. In addition, CBR highlights various segments of the area’s publishing industry in occasional features. Recently, CBR has looked at religious publishing, education publishing, children’s publishing, university presses, and association publishing. Together, the blogroll, links, and features provide a nice introduction to some of the publishing that takes place in Chicago. In fact, CBR provides links to more than 75 local publishers as well as scores of Chicago-area bookstores, local writing and publishing organizations, and related blogs.

If you’re a publishing professional based in Chicago or the Midwest, I encourage you to join the CPN discussion at LinkedIn. And, check out Chicago Book Review for a look at Chicago’s publishing houses, local authors, and various literary events taking place in the city and suburbs.

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